Tauber Brötchen in BahnhofCity Wien Hauptbahnhof

Tauber cafés, restaurants and sandwiches have been around for over 20 years in almost all important shopping centres in Vienna. The company founder, Dr Thomas Tauber checks almost daily that the customers are happy with the offered delicacies. His first store, in the Galleria Shopping Centre is particularly close to his heart. It is in a way the basis for the success of the company. Founded in 1993, everything in the Galleria is still perfect and always up to date.

While three of the newer Tauber stores now have excellent kitchen facilities, the café in the Galleria offers the tried and tested combination of Tauber sandwiches, coffee and cakes as well as a broad range of small to medium-sized dishes and drinks, but its main distinguishing feature is its particularly traditional and well-rehearsed team of employees.

The company is primarily known for its large selection of sandwiches. For 23 years, they have been continually refined and subjected to a strict selection. No sandwich leaves production that has not been previously reviewed personally by the product manager. In particular, the first Tauber store in the Galleria has made a significant contribution to the popularity of the unique sandwiches. Since its foundation, fresh sandwiches are delivered to the Tauber store several times a day, and disappear from the display cases nearly as quickly as they are put in. Tauber customers can choose from 4 categories of sandwiches, each of which have a wide range of variants.

As a family business founded 23 years ago, Tauber commenced operations with a production facility located in the 2nd district and became successful unexpectedly quickly. Ever since the opening of the Galleria cafe its success has been virtually unstoppable and now the company employs over 100 people. Some of the employees have been working in the Galleria from the start, with great joy and commitment.


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