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Perfection every day
We are thinking ahead because what is in today will be out tomorrow. What the people behind the “HEADWORK” brand have in common is the courage to break new ground. Robert Adam and Markus Dumpelnik, together with some 100 employees want to convey quality, commitment and attention to detail. Twice a year, the team presents a hairstyle collection to show its customers the hottest looks and current fashion trends. HEADWORK currently has 14 branches across Austria, which offer creative hair designs and the latest hairstyles.

All different – each unique
HEADWORK is a company that sees growth through visions and experiences of each individual as the top priority. This creates a network of unique ideas that combines perfection, joy, commitment and passion. The extraordinary is the norm here – perfectly choreographed hand movements in surroundings where everything has been carefully thought through down to the smallest detail are aimed at promoting the sense of well-being in every individual customer. From the decor to the colours and sounds – the customer can experience the latest trends in a relaxed lounge atmosphere with live DJ performances and video installations that stimulate all the senses. HEADWORK is an extraordinary universe that gives each customer an individual experience in a special environment detached from the stresses of everyday life. At HEADWORK, every customer is unique. Whether it is a new haircut, new colour, hair care….. “something a little different” or “a total makeover”. While the requests of the customers vary, all customers expect the very best in terms of quality of service and a perfect result. All those who always expect “a little more” are right on the money here. Customers come to us because they know that this is a place where they can talk, exchange views and ideas and have their requests taken seriously. You can talk to us virtually about anything: cut, hair colour, streaks, hair care, massages, shaping, hair extensions, make-up, fashion, trends. The premise of all our employees is to listen, offer solutions and to put them into practice straight away. Salons At “HEADWORK”, nothing should get in the way of well-being and the salons have, therefore, been decorated to the principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui means wind (feng) and water (shui) and revolves around the life energy that flows constantly like “wind and water” through us and our environment. The ancient Chinese art describes the relationship between the surrounding living space and our well-being. We only feel well when we are in harmony with our environment. The placement of furniture, colour and lighting all determine whether energy can flow freely. The free flow of energy is essential to our well-being. Tao and Shiatsu massages, which are offered as an integral part of the service at HEADWORK, are based on ancient arts that promote the sense of general well-being.

Dedicated and committed employees put the “HEADWORK” concept into practice and make a visit to the hairdresser a most enjoyable experience. We place great importance on quality of the cut, colour and above all, advice. The members of our team are not only consummate professionals but are also always abreast of the latest trends and fashion. We ensure this by offering intensive training and further education. Furthermore, customers can expect all our employees to have excellent social skills. Our employees provide customers with advice and ideas, and above all must be able to listen and understand what the customer wants. The basis for this is an excellent working atmosphere giving everyone space to develop creatively. We offer motivated employees the opportunity to embark on a unique path with us and offer training to become a stylist, top stylist, training and salon manager.

Markus Dumpelnik
The quote “Only dead fish swim with the stream” could be the motto of Markus Dumpelnik. The Carinthia-born Markus Dumpelnik completed his hairdressing training in his native Austria, but he feels drawn to the big cities of the world. Influenced by the cosmopolitan flair of Munich, Paris and London, the young hairdresser became a trend scout. Back in Austria, he settled in Vienna and started working as an art director at L’Oreal, where he became prominent on the haute coiffure & haute couture scene. He developed event concepts for 500 to 15,000 participants and implemented these in different countries. In addition to numerous international photo shoots and presentations, television appearances (ORF, WillkommenÖsterreich) and work for magazines such as Woman, News, Kurier became part of his “daily business”.


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