Der Raum der Stille – ein Platz zum Innehalten in BahnhofCity Wien Hauptbahnhof

Der Raum der Stille – a place to pause

Der Raum der Stille (the quiet room) is a chapel rented by the Archdiocese of Vienna / Pastoral Work Division offering exactly that in a 100 m2 space. This room is an antidote to the hurly burly of travellers, workers and residents, offering an opportunity to stop for a moment. In offering this facility to accompany people on their journey, the Pastoral Work Division of the Vienna Archdiocese is responding to Pope Francis’ appeal to find new places, particularly in our towns, to make contact with people. This contact can now also be made in the Raum der Stille between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. The Pastoral Work Division has employed a pastoral assistant for this facility, whose main role will be on-site pastoral work. The room is open for weekly devotions, holy masses, prayers, silent meditation and a range of other activities. In the spirit of ecumenicalism, it goes without saying that other legally recognised churches, religious communities and church-related organisations are invited to make use of the Raum der Stille. For all other institutions we offer the religious hand of friendship, requiring agreement to be obtained in good time from the responsible office of the Pastoral Work division.


T: +43 1 51552 3877


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