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Central station – facts & figures

Here you can find out all the relevant facts, figures and dates relating to the new Vienna Central Station.

The central station is not only an imposing structure, which has been dominating the skyline of Vienna even before its completion. The figures related to this megaproject are just as, if not more impressive.

Did you know that the project covers an area of roughly the same size as the whole 8th district or that the infrastructure of the new central station includes over 100 kilometres of tracks?

We have compiled the most important figures for you.

Trans Form Hauptbahnhof Wien, Fotoprojekt Die Veraenderung eines Stadtteiles 2008-2014

Technical data for the overall project

  • Total area covered – approx. 109 hectares – roughly the same size as Vienna’s 8th district.

Technical data for the train infrastructure project

  • Total area covered by the railway infrastructure project – approx. 50 ha
  • Length of the railway infrastructure project – approx. 6.7 km
  • Total area covered by newly constructed bridges – approx. 30,000 m2
  • Tracks – approx. 100 km
  • Switch points – approx. 300
  • Noise protection walls – approx. 8 km
  • Noise protection windows – 14,000

Technical data for the Vienna Central Station

  • 5 roofed platoforms – 10 platform edges
  • Average platform width – 12.10 m
  • Barrier-free throughout
  • Intersection of three Trans-European Network (TEN) corridors:
    • TEN 17: Paris-Strasbourg-Stuttgart-Vienna-Bratislava
    • TEN 22: Athens-Sofia-Budapest-Vienna-Prague-Nuremberg/Dresden
    • TEN 23: Gdansk-Warsaw Brno / Bratislava-Vienna-Venice
  • Suburban railway lines (S1, S2, S3, S5, S15, S60, S70, S80), underground line U1, tram lines D, O, 18, buses lines 13A, 69A, and the regional bus terminal connect the central station with the local transport network.
  • Underground car park with approximately 630 parking spaces, bicycle garage with space for some 1,150 bicycles
  • Disabled parking spaces, Kiss & Ride, taxi ranks
  • Shopping centre at the railway station with approximately 90 shops and restaurants




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