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The Future

After the first timetable change scheduled for 14 December 2014, the first long-distance trains will start stopping at Vienna Central Station. The entire rail infrastructure will be completed in December 2015, and the station will be in a position to assume the role of an international transport hub.


Parts are opened

On 9 December 2012, the above-ground part of the station, including four platforms and a transit track were brought into limited service. These are used mainly by eastbound regional services.

Geschichte Hauptbahnhof Wien


South Station is closed

12 December 2009 was the last day of operation of the Südbahnhof/South Station terminus for the Southern Railway. On 13 December 2009, the old arrivals/departure hall, the platforms and tracks of Südbahnhof were closed and subsequently demolished.

Geschichte Hauptbahnhof Wien


First steps

In 2003, the federal government, the City of Vienna and ÖBB signed a memorandum of understanding to construct a through station in Vienna. In 2004, architectural teams were invited to participate in a selection process to design the planned new city district as part of the master plan "District Vienna South Station".


Third South Station

The construction works on the third Südbahnhof commenced in 1956. At about the same time, the line between Vienna and Gloggnitz was electrified. Electric operations began with the 1956 winter timetable. During the construction of the new station, the Southern Railway was extended towards Schweizergarten, so that the starting point of the Southern Railway was now roughly at Südtiroler Platz.


Second South Station

The second Wien Südbahnhof /Vienna South Station was completed! During the boom of the Gründerzeit (1859-1873), the Southern Railway decided to build a new, larger, and in particular more representative terminus station, the "Vienna South Station" to replace the Gloggnitzer Bahnhof. The planning was entrusted to the chief architect of the Southern Railway, Wilhelm von Flattich from Württemberg. The construction works were completed in 1874.

Geschichte Hauptbahnhof Wien


State Station

As industrialisation has led to a dramatic increase in demand for rail transport services, the old Raaber Bahnhof was replaced between 1867 and 1870 by the Staatsbahnhof (officially renamed Ostbahnhof /Vienna East Station on 1 May 1914). The name was chosen as a reminder of the (private) state railway company, which operated the Eastern Railway and was only nationalised in 1909. During the monarchy, the station was last operated by k.k. Staatsbahnen/ Imperial Royal State Railways.State Railways operated.

Geschichte Hauptbahnhof Wien


First South Station

The first railway stations in this area were Gloggnitzer Bahnhof (starting point of the Southern Railway, the first Südbahnhof/Vienna South Station opened in 1841), and the Raaber Bahnhof (starting point of the Eastern Railway, opened in 1845), which were built by Matthias Schönerer in a classical style and placed symmetrically. Both railway stations made use of the same depots and workyards.

Geschichte Hauptbahnhof Wien