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Platform for new central station projects initiated by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. Sustainable urban areas at the focus of urban planning.

Background information

The new Vienna Central Station, one of the most important European transport hubs, has officially been opened in autumn 2014.

The Vienna Central Station is a key project for the city. It symbolises Vienna’s role as a hub. In addition, a new, attractive neighbourhood to live and work is emerging in the area surrounding the railway station. 20,000 jobs will give positive impetus to the economy.

It is expected that some 150,000 people will pass through the central station every day. 1,000 trains a day, 8 S-Bahn lines, 2 bus lines, 3 tram lines, the underground line U1 and a regional bus terminal will help to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

Covering a total area of​59 hectares, a new residential district, the “Sonnwendviertel” is being created to the southeast of the central station, which will provide a new home for 13,000 people in a central location. Kindergartens, an education and training campus and 7 hectares of green space will ensure high quality of life.

The BahnhofCityHauptbahnhof Wien, housing numerous shops and restaurants, will also open its doors in autumn of 2014. A fresh food market, textile shops, bakeries and cafés are designed to make the station a meeting place.

All these projects affect the surrounding area and create the potential for a positive change in the traditional Favoriten district, which lies in the immediate vicinity of all these developments.



Objectives of the project

The purpose of the project of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, UHU/UrbanitätsoffensiveHauptbahnhofUmfeld (Urban development initiative for the area around the central station) is to explore the potential, stimulate development and create synergies in the course of this year with a view to integrating the new station area and the Sonnwendviertel with its historic surroundings and creating an attractive and sustainable urban development.

Thousands of new employees and “daily visitors” present enormous potential for revitalising and utilising the area around the central station. At the same time, it is necessary for the existing structures to adapt and complement these robust developments.

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce Vienna wants to use this initiative to invite all those who care about the development of the area surrounding the central station and who already are or want to be involved in this matter. This includes experts from public authorities (district and municipal bodies, neighbourhood offices), investors, entrepreneurs and local experts.

The most important objectives are:

  • revitalisation and creation of more attractive urban spaces in the ground floor zone around the Vienna Central Station through targeted measures (support for high street retailers associations, “Empty shops” campaign, temporary use for cultural purposes).
  • raising awareness among the working and resident population about the urban identity of the new neighbourhood.
  • involvement of local stakeholders in the implementation of ideas and measures developed on the basis of the project.
  • greater integration of the old and new parts of the city by making the public spaces more attractive (wider pavements, clean streets and green spaces, new street furniture).
  • Development of urban planning guidelines for the subsequent use of the Bahnorama information centre, which gives visitors insight into the construction of a multi-functional landmark.

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